Agenda / Activities

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50th Anniversary Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Call for Papers

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, next year the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology will hold their inaugural Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress in Sheffield, UK from 1st-3rd April 2016. We want to reflect the broad range of exciting research currently being undertaken in post-medieval archaeology and as a result, are calling for papers for all research into post-medieval archaeology.

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact the organisers at; full details regarding the conference can be found at


At present, the Dutch Society for Medieval Archaeology, is involved in three projects:

The fifth Urban Archaeology day

In cooperation with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands the Society for Medieval Archaeology will be organising the fifth Urban Archaeology day. The call for papers’ deadline is May 18.

When: Thursday June 18, 2015
Where: Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Amersfoort
Adress and route description:
Main contact: Jeroen Bouwmeester ( / 033-4217389)

This special day of the archaeology platform (formerly known as the Urban Archaeology NOaA-day. NOaA being short for Nationale onderzoeksagenda Archeologie: National Archaeological Research Agenda) shall focus on archaeological research into towns. The purpose, is to both exchange information on recent research and swap ideas on specific topics. Naturally we will schedule copious amounts of time for discussion.

Call for papers
If you would like to give a presentation, contact Jeroen Bouwmeester, please do so before May 18, ( / 033-4217389).

Presentations will last an average of 25 minutes including discussion afterwards. In addition to regular length presentations, short presentation slots of 5 minutes will also be available, where one can share an interpretation for feedback or present a recent discovery.

The Urban Archaeology day will be organized by the Cultural Heritage Agency in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Medieval Archaeology (SMA).

The day will start at 10 AM and will be concluded at 17 PM with informal drinks.

Registering as a participant will be possible through the Cultural Heritage Agency website in the near future. You can keep informed through the Cultural Heritage Agency’s website ( the Urban Archaeology Facebook page ( or by following the Academia-page of the Dutch Society for Medieval Archaeology.

Publication Urban Graveyard volume

Secondly, the SMA will be publishing a Dutch-English volume on urban graveyards.Medieval and urban archaeology in the Low Countries in an international perspective that took place in December 2013. The editorial board, consisting of Roos van Oosten, Nico Arts and Jeroen Bouwmeester, has received many stimulating contributions and the volume will be finalised in the coming months.

Medieval Archaeology in the Netherlands: 25 years after

Last but not least, the Society of Medieval Archaeology will be organizing a one-day conference entitled Medieval Archaeology in the Netherlands 25 years after. Naturally, the ambition is to follow up with a compendium of a similar quality as that of its predecessors.

Advance notice: conference Medieval Archaeology in the Netherlands 25 years after

When: early Spring 2016
Where: University of Amsterdam
Main contact: Johan Nicolay / 050 3636712 / 050 3637689

It has been 25 years since the book Medieval Archaeology in the Netherlands provided a window on the state of research in medieval archaeology. The book has become a standard work that impressed in both the Netherlands and abroad. What is state of the discipline 25 years after? What further progress has been made, what new sites have been revealed, what new models have been developed? And more importantly still: to what extent do these new insights and data require an adjustment of what was seen previously? During this one-day conference, organized by the Dutch Society for Medieval Archaeology, the foremost researchers of the present moment will share their views. The conference will focus on the period from the 5th till the 19th century and both the developments in towns as well as in the countryside will be dealt with.